Last year, we trained our skills on the 3 beehives in order to provide with wonderful honey throughout the December of 2018. Not only did our gorgeous honey make a lot of our customers extremely happy just in time for Christmas, lots of people asked if we would be able to provide honey thoughout the entire year. Since we at Dove Syke work to bring your family wonderful moments of joy and happiness, we’ve accomodated our many requests in and expanded our 3 hives by over 1300% to a whopping 43 hives. With this our ability to bring you delicious honey, rich in vitamins that will keep you healthy and well will increase to not only protect you throughout the winter season, but throughout the whole year.

Our beekeepers and our bees will work hard throughout this annum in order to provide you with honey that is not only sensually sweet, but absolutely amazing for your health. All our honey is sourced from flowers that are allowed to naturally sprout on our plantation, additionally we don’t feed our bees extra sugar so that they produce more honey, nor do we take all their honey for the winter. This is to ensure our bees are kept as close to nature as possible so that our honey is made with only natural materials.

Natural honey is very healthy, it comes pre-packed with antioxidants which decrease the risk of heart attacks and strokes, as well as lowering blood pressure. It improves cholesterol levels and protects againsts colds, which are quite common in Britain thanks to our wonderful weather. All together, it’s a much better alternative to add to your diet than sugar which plagues almost everything today so instead of sweetening your tea with sugar, sweeten it with our local honey.