About Us

Dove Syke is a registered local smallholding with a family run christmas tree farm. The “Choose and Cut Farm” has helped to renew the tradition of the entire family selecting and cutting the Christmas tree. The whole family can have great fun in the process of choosing a tree, and a visit to Santa’s grotto where you can post letters to Santa himself.

We have several species of trees available and operate a wholesale supply as well as a service to the general public at Christmas time.

Christmas Wreaths

We have expanded the sale of Christmas trees into wreaths, garlands and other fresh Christmas decorations all made fresh to order. We offer great customer service, competitive prices and reliable delivery to your doorstep. Many of our wreath customers purchase blank wreaths and decorate them individually although we also offer decorated wreaths for sale In addition to the Christmas trees.

We specialise in selling other varieties of potted trees; both evergreen and trade. Projects that Michael is involved with during his landscape business keep him busy during the rest of the year. Deciduous, shrubs and hedging plants are available for landscaping.

The tradition of celebrating with a real Christmas tree dates back 500 years. The use of evergreens as a symbol and celebration of life during the Winter Solstice celebrations started in ancient Roman and Egyptian times. By the 1700’s the tradition of celebrating the holidays with a tree was widely practiced throughout Europe.

Christmas Tree Life

Usually the Christmas tree begins life in a nursery where superior seeds are planted and grown into 2 year old seedlings. The seedlings are then taken from the nursery beds and planted in a Christmas tree plantation; while growing the trees provide many environmental benefits. They replenish the earth’s oxygen supplies, serve as a wildlife habitat, increase soil stability and provide a valuable and aesthetically pleasing improvement to the land. Each year some species are shaped and pruned; the average growing time is 6 to 10 years for a well shaped 6-8 foot tree depending on the species, weather conditions and soil. We stock trees of all sizes including 6ft, 7ft and 8ft.


Why not join us for a mulled wine, mince pie and let the kids post their letters to Santa while you choose your perfect Christmas tree.