Christmas Trees

Every Christmas tree within Dove Syke is looked after with love and care. However this sounds, we look after each tree individually. Growing trees requires a staggeringly huge work ethic, the trees take far more effort to grow than one would imagine. Every month brings new tasks and obstacles to get through.

Your largest problem in finding a Christmas tree is needle-retention. Thankfully, because we are a small local nursery, we can individually cater to your needs. If you want to buy a tree but can’t pick it up yet, or you’ve decided to buy in advance and are waiting till December, we can reserve the tree for you. If you need advice on how to look after your trees, don’t be afraid to ask staff, although generally making sure that the tree is not next to a radiator for all of December and giving it enough water everyday (around 3-4 litres of water a day) although smaller trees will require less.

We Look After The Planet!

For every cut tree, we plant another. In 2019, we will allow children to plant their very own Christmas trees, we will bring us onto the next project we are doing; “Plant your own tree for Christmas”.

Buying a natural tree helps the environment and the Earth. Every plastic tree bought and thrown away into a landfill can take decades, and even centuries, to fully decompose. These are things which dirty the environment for us and our future generations to come. Neither should we just outright steal trees from forests. This is a vandalism because we don’t plant another in its’ place and don’t consider the environmental ramifications of such actions. Christmas tree farms like us plant at least one tree for every one cut down, it is a controlled cutting of trees and always better than filling our planet with another deadly dose of plastics.

We also offer you the chance to recycle your trees after Christmas

This year all our trees are cut just from our plantation. We invite everyone to reserve their own tree and although our most popular tree is the Nordman Fir, we would like to present the Norway Spruce which grow beautifully at Dove Syke. These are a traditional tree for Christmas eve, in a very attractive price. At least half that of the Nordman Fir and with a fantastic and fresh aroma to them. This year they have exceeded all expectations on how well they are to grow and they are available in all sizes.

We would also like to remind people that trees should be treated like cut flowers. Through watering them and making sure that they are in the correct temperature, we can make sure that they will keep the entire family happy for the whole winter. For the 2018 Christmas, our ambition is to make sure that every person will be able to cherish their very own fresh and beautiful Christmas tree. For this to happen it has to be important that the tree is cut as late as possible and we can assure you that our trees are cut last.