First Activity Session

We’ll be seeing nice weather on Saturday so in order to celebrate such a rare event in Britain, we invite everyone to our first activity session on Saturday. It lasts 2 hours, from 14:00 to 16:00 and is fantastic fun for everyone involved! Firstly, we will start off with making Christmas decorations and writing a letter to Santa, before going on a magical adventure through our woods (remember to bring some warm clothes!) and finishing off with some hot chocolate and snacks next to warm and safe fire.

This is a perfect opportunity for your child to make some new friends in time for Christmas and for you to fit in some shopping in town or you can enjoy something warm to drink and go for a quiet walk within our woods before joining us in front of the fire. Admission price is £10 per child, please contact us over Facebook (click here to go there right now), or our email; to sort out your place.

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