Trees – Nordman Fir

Our most popular Christmas Tree.

The Nordman Fir is the classic Christmas tree that you always see in adverts and movies. It retains its’ needles fantastically, even when cut, and they have blunt ends, which means that children of all ages can help in decorating the Christmas tree without worry of them getting hurt by the Nordman’s needles. Although the wood is very soft, it can still hold a large amount of baubles thanks to it’s thick branches. The branches themselves are fairly well spaced out, which also leaves lots of room for decorations and lights.

Product Description

Our most popular Christmas Tree.

The Nordman Fir is native to the areas that are south and east of the Black Sea. It occurs naturally in Northern Turkey, Georgia and the Russian Caucasus, however it is not found throughout the world as it grows at altitudes of 900 metres to 2,200 metres with lots of rainfall. Luckily, the tree is not endangered, even though it doesn’t occur globally. It usually grows to 60 metres tall, however there have been specimens recorded to be 85 metres tall. The wood of the Nordman is very soft and white and gets used for general construction and for the manufacturing of paper.


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