Ribble Valley Primary School Competition

We are happy to inform all primary schools of the Ribble Valley area that we are hosting a competition for any tree worth up to £100. Not only will this be an excellent way to get your class a fantastic Christmas tree, but also for you to your students to work together in the creation of an art project, of course, they can work alone if they wish. The rules are very simple;

  1. Let us know that you are taking part in the competition
  2. Use your imagination to create any piece you wish. This can be a collage, drawing, painting, figurine, even a dress! Or anything else that your students can come up with. There is no limit on material, use whatever and as much as you need.
  3. Create the art piece based on your own special Christmas tree.
  4. Post your art to us or call in order to arrange for us to pick it up by the 23rd of November.
  5. We will host a public vote to decide the school that will recieve the prize.
  6. The vote will last from 24th of November to the 2nd of December
  7. The winning school will recieve the tree during the 1st week of December

We hope to hear from every school because this is will be a fantastic way to get your children to have fun this christmas while also doing a service for their school.

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