Santa is Coming to Town!

You better watch out
You better not cry
Better not pout
I’m telling you why
Santa Claus is coming to town


That’s right! Santa is really coming to town this Christmas! More specifically to Dove Syke Nursery. On Sunday, 16th of December we will have Santa Claus personally come to the Santa’s Grotto located on our premises. Come over just to say hi or take a picture with Santa, it’s all up to you. In order to spread as much Christmas cheer as possible this year, the event is totally free! You will not have to pay a dime to get Santa’s attention. You will be even able to personally give Santa his letter from you this Christmas to which he will reply if can find your address. Santa Claus will give out sweets to good children and while he’s left his coal at home, he’ll make sure to remember every bad child’s name so he can bring it to them later.

This will be a wonderful way to make your shopping for Christmas trees special as it’s guaranteed fun for your children and a fantastic occasion to snap a Christmas photo to forge a memory your child won’t forget. Not only that, it’s totally free. You will be able to walk up to Santa and talk to him whenever you want, even if you’ve decided to not purchase anything with us this Christmas. Here at Dove Syke, we are about crafting memories for you every Christmas, and this is just one of the many ways we are going to prove it.

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