Woodland walk

Dove Syke is a registered smallholding with a family run Christmas Tree Farm. The “Choose and Cut farm” has helped to renew the tradition of the entire family selecting and cutting the Christmas tree. The whole family can have great fun in the process of choosing a tree.

We would like to invite all the children for a magical Christmas walk through Dove Syke Nursery. Here we have Santa’s postbox, from which Santa’s very own elves collect letters. There is no need to worry if you have left your letter at home or didn’t have time to write one, you can write your letter here. Santa always tries to respond to every letter in our postbox, of course only if you wish to get a reply and leave your address on the letter so that he knows which house to send it to. Guiding you to Santa’s Postbox will be reindeers and mushrooms.

Our walk will lead you through our trees and in 2018 we are opening a new field which holds around 20,000 trees for you to choose from.